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Sims .net connectors and eCopy

Link to Canon's eCopy

The connectors are tailored directly for use in the education market and Sims .net is used in 22,000 schools in the UK. These Sims .net connectors allow the user to scan paper based documents directly into their existing Sims .net using eCopy and Ricoh MFP's and scanners



The eCopy solution enables you to extend the capabilities of a digital copier or scanner to be a bridge between your paper and digital workflows, seamlessly integrating with other critical business applications. With eCopy, businesses can transform full-colour or black & white paper documents into electronic images that are easily shared and distributed utilising network and business applications.

eCopy is available as an embedded solution within the user interface of your multifunctional device or externally with the dedicated eCopy Scanstation.

To find out more about eCopy visit the eCopy website.